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Octopus Tentacle Ring (jewelry).

Octopus Tentacle Ring

Octopus Tentacle Ring ‒ Add some edginess to your jewelry collection. The Octopus Tentacle Ring is a fresh take on nautical jewelry. We’ve taken the design beyond sailboats, anchors, and sea horses. Made with .925 Sterling Silver, our ring contours to any finger comfortably with a slight squeeze. This ring accommodates ring sizes ranging from Size 4 to Size 14. Both women and men will enjoy the unisex ring. Each ring comes with a soft velvet pouch to safeguard your purchase. Our ring fits perfectly into any wardrobe. Step up your everyday style. Don’t settle for jewelry that doesn’t bring you compliments!


Select the prefect ring from our three metal finishes:

Antique: Sterling silver with a vintage appearance from slight oxidation.

Dark: Black-rhodium-plated-silver with an industrial appearance from heavy oxidation.

Shiny: Sterling silver finish with a shiny contemporary jewelry appearance.