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To provide comprehensive property searching capabilities on the Internet, LoopNet incorporated a new search field dedicated to environmentally friendly commercial properties. Launched on Friday, January 23, 2009, the “Green Properties” search area provides all commercial properties considered environmentally friendly in one convenient place for members. Properties eligible for marketing within the “Green Properties” search database must meet certain qualifications. These specifications range from the building’s construction to keywords contained in the property listing. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Building Rating System (LEED) is another method used to check property advertisements. Buildings must have certain features to be considered LEED Certified. Committees working in conjunction with the U.S. Green Building Council developed the LEED Building Rating System.

While browsing the LoopNet database, I found the list of environmentally friendly properties impressive. Many properties can be considered stellar buying opportunities such as Sale Property ID # 16045341 Eco-Friendly Domes and Sale Property ID# 15962759 Emergya Wind Technologies. With this major step in the right direction, LoopNet will become the premier destination for environmentally friendly commercial real estate properties.

A red FIAT 500 parked outside a dome community in Italy, Texas, USA. Image courtesy of LoopNet, Inc.

Eco Friendly Domes (Listing ID# 16045341). Image courtesy of LoopNet, Inc.

Emergya Wind Technologies plant facility. Image courtesy of LoopNet, Inc.

Emergya Wind Technologies (Listing ID# 15962759). Image courtesy of LoopNet, Inc.







By: Sarita Starks

Source: LoopNet News