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Employees sitting at onboarding meeting.

Shake-Up Your Employee Onboarding Routine

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Employee onboarding is a critical part of daily business operations. The process serves as the first impression new employees have of companies after the interviewing dust has settled. Proper employee onboarding methods allow new hires to become comfortable with their positions, company policies, and working environment.

The speed in which companies onboard new employees is significant to ongoing business expenses. Society for Human Resource Management Foundation (SHRM Foundation) states, “Research and conventional wisdom both suggest that employees get about 90 days to prove themselves in a new job… the faster new hires feel welcomed and prepared for their jobs, the faster they will be able to contribute successfully to the firm’s mission.”

Don’t let your company fail in providing a thorough employee onboarding program. If your current onboarding process is stagnant, revamp the situation with techniques and equipment that is sure to represent your company in a positive light. Dump old bulky employee handbooks. Follow these tips to create an employee onboarding plan that will shine with future team members:

Bring Out the Welcome Mat

New hires often recall drab and mind-boggling company onboarding experiences. They describe a sense of abandonment from management during the orientation process. As a result, new employees leave companies within a few months for more fulfilling jobs.

Change the perception of your organization by welcoming all new team members with open arms. Ensure management and senior employees are prepared and motivated to teach new colleagues department routines. Create a positive environment that supports new hires asking questions during their upcoming months of training.

Have a Little Fun

Energizing your new hire onboarding sessions with enjoyable moments is vital. This is the best opportunity to showcase the social culture of your office. Inform new employees about company social activities that occur weekly, monthly, or annually. Organizing a simple department outing or group conversation can open meaningful lines of communication among team members. These events will give participants another office dynamic that’s not only based on serious matters.

Avoid Document Overload

Being a new employee comes with the responsibility of signing and receiving multiple documents at once. Standard onboarding forms regarding medical and dental insurance, tax withholdings, 401K retirement plans, and other subjects can be unmanageable. Taking a digital approach to handling orientation forms can help make employee onboarding automated. One Paper Lane is an example of a cloud based software that converts paper forms into digital files. With digital files, new hires can read and sign onboarding forms at their convenience. Businesses can benefit from having all their new team member files in one secure database.

Remain a strong competitor in the job market. Update your employee onboarding program to retain the best employees around.

By: Sarita Starks 

Source: One Paper Lane