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Simplify Your Workday: Get a Business Management Platform


Are employees constantly searching for documents throughout the office? Have you ever wondered if your colleagues across the country reviewed and signed the paperwork sent a few days ago? Is there dysfunction in the way employees interact and handle business projects? Do these situations resemble your typical workday? If these situations are familiar, it’s time to upgrade your company’s productivity methods with a business management platform.

Making the transition to a digital business management platform aligns with emerging workplace trends. With the new global economy, organizations are adapting to daily routines involving software platforms. Recently, Forbes reported, “Employees today collaborate to a greater degree than they did previously, using new technologies to work in teams, across geographies and in real time.” The report continued, “Nearly 90 percent of companies plan to increase their investment in productivity-enabling technologies.” Statistics such as these make the investment of a digital business management platform that more important.

Selecting a business management platform for your enterprise may appear challenging. Don’t worry. One Paper Lane offers an easy platform to introduce a digital workflow to your office. Here are some features to help you create happier business days:

Eliminated Paperwork

Trouble handling paperwork becomes a distant memory using One Paper Lane. Documents are converted and saved as digital files. Employees can look-up documents using integrated search capabilities. Files receive tracking for completion and digital signatures within the platform.

Offline Connection

One Paper Lane accommodates hectic work schedules employees are facing today. Files can be retrieved from anywhere using portable electronic devices. Colleagues have files at their disposal while collaborating with another department or waiting for a delayed flight.

Tailored Designs

Create documents specific to your needs using our Comprehensive Forms Library. We have an arsenal of forms available for every industry.

Encrypted Data

Security is our top concern. Your digital signatures and data need to remain private. Our platform uses AES 256 standard technology and 256-bit SSL document transmission to ensure all items are secure.

With a digital business management platform, One Paper Lane can assure your business will have less stressful workdays and become more productive. Partner with us to make simplified workdays come true for your company.

By: Sarita Starks 

Source: One Paper Lane